Duffy Dillon

ASCA International Director

American Swimming Coaches Association

30+ years successful coaching from Olympics to Learn-to-Swim, High School, Masters; as well as running major competitions for every level.

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International Meet Management High school Masters Learn-to-Swim Motivation Governance Training Technique


Swimming, coaching, and clinics have taken Coach Dillon to: 

  • 6 continents
  • 34 countries 
  • And 49 of the 50 U.S. states

Coach Dillon’s vast experience allows him to bring a broad world view while adapting to a very local experience for maximum impact.  He has personally conducted:

  • Dozens of clinics 
  • In more than 10 countries 
  • To over 1200 coaches 
  • Representing more than 20 countries

Duffy thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to meet, work with, and influence so many coaches and swimmers all over the world. "The swimming community around the world has more similarities than it does differences. By and large, coaches and athletes are hardworking and friendly; with an intense desire to get better. I am extremely proud and thankful for the chances to work with so many great people and make friends for life."  


ASCA International Director

American Swimming Coaches Association
August 2014 - present


San Jose State University

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
1989 - 1992

Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor's Degree
2002 - 2004

Major in Accounting.  Cum Laude.

University of Florida

Bachelor's Degree
1983 - 1987

Major in Fiannce.

Academic All-American.  President's Award recipient.



English limited Spanish


ASCA Level 5

American Swimming Coaches Association
January 1993 - present


Board of Directors

USA Swimming (Health)
September 2003 - September 2007

Served as the Southern Zone Coach Director and on several committess and task forces including Open Water, Audit, and Membership Marketing.

Board of Directors

Florida Gold Coast Swimming (Health)
January 2000 - present

Have served in almost every role to support the local swimming committee: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Senior Chairman, Finance/Budget Committee, Safety Chairman, Time Standards, Governance/Bylaws Committee, and Technical Planning.

Could i start coaching

Have a wonderful day, i am a triathlon player, beginner one, and am Certified spinning instractor and interesting to start basic coaching in swimming, form where could i start, and is this possible without being a swimming athlete
for ASCA, which course do you recommend to start with

6/6/2017 2:10:27 PM,
Duffy Dillon replied:

Hello, Sherif,

Thank you for your question.  Becoming a swim coach is like anything else, you start with education and then gain experience.  The best way is to start your joruney by joining us, the ASCA:

Then, you want to start educating yourself through our ASCA Certification program beginning with Level 1 and then continuing through the program as you achieve each successive level:

Good luck to you as you being this fantastic journey.  Please, let us know how we can assist you at any time.

Duffy Dillon
International Director