5/4/2017 3:03:44 PM,
Catherine Vogt replied:
Hi! I am in the same place  a little bit with my 6 year old daughter! The team she is on requires participation at a champs meet this summer..but i (as a swim coach!) only have my vacation during the same time - so i am going to tell the team she won't participate, and hope they are ok with that!  As a working mom its hard enough to balance everything, and i dont know if there is real balance - esp in a job like coaching where its NOT 9-5...its a lifestyle!  Anyway, i do think you have to priortize family first - when it comes to vacations.  if there is a practice requirement for age group then its good to teach the kids they have to make that work and allow them to decide if skipping practice for a birthday party is the right call, or save a missed practice for extracurricular activity, etc. 
I don't think you every have to give up family vacations, but also understanding that performance may suffer for repeated missed workouts too.  Does that make sense? Thank you!