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As a Level 1 ASCA swim coach and USA swim coach and a mother of 2 Age group swimmers age 12 and 13 I would love your advice about what you think should be the commitment of these swimmers. Example, do you expect them not to take vacations during the swim calendar year with their family or attend birthday parties or miss a few practices for family events. I'm trying to educate my families as well as understand the expectations of my head coaches for my kids. My kids are Age group qualifier kids and borderline sectional qualifiers.

I want to understand balance for kids and sport and trying to be a competitive swimmer at what age do you need to give up family vacations or fully committ to not doing anything else. Thank you.
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Catherine Vogt
Catherine Vogt  replied:
Hi! I am in the same place  a little bit with my 6 year old daughter! The team she is on requires participation at a champs meet this summer..but i (as a swim coach!) only have my vacation during the same time - so i am going to tell the team she won't participate, and hope they are ok with that!  As a working mom its hard enough to balance everything, and i dont know if there is real balance - esp in a job like coaching where its NOT 9-5...its a lifestyle!  Anyway, i do think you have to priortize family first - when it comes to vacations.  if there is a practice requirement for age group then its good to teach the kids they have to make that work and allow them to decide if skipping practice for a birthday party is the right call, or save a missed practice for extracurricular activity, etc. 
I don't think you every have to give up family vacations, but also understanding that performance may suffer for repeated missed workouts too.  Does that make sense? Thank you!