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Dave, my question pertains to restructuring our age group program which means I need to in essence demote my head age group coach to working only with our 10 & unders. He is just not as effective as he once was, several factors for this, but the bottom line is I am seeing over the past few years a real decline in our 11-12 year olds compared to the rest of the state and country we are very much lacking. Especially, our girls! He and I just have not been on the same page for years and as hard as I try it seem to make little or no difference. It looks like coaching is no longer his passion, but a pay check and that's not right. I would have released him, but the old boards were so afraid of repercussions, so instead I have to deal with a rouge coach. Any advice on how you would handle it, he has been with the team for 22 years, so he once was great, now only mediocre.

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Dave Gibson
Dave Gibson  replied:
Honestly, if you have had conversations and teaching/coaching moments with him to get "buy-in" to your philosphy, and things are not changing, the best thing for all involved is for you to let him go. I know this can be difficult, but in the end everyone is happier and better off.
However, having said that, you might try explaining to him that you feel the program & you need his "expertise" with the 10&unders. You think he can really help the 10&unders.
How is his communication, relationships and effectiveness with working with parents? If pretty good, you could tell him you also need him with this very important group of younger swimmers & newer parents to help educate & guide them...his experience can help them.